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Join The Social House Team In Katy, Texas.

Every day across Texas, people are waking up to stress, burn out, fractured relationships, and anxiety. Eventually, those feelings can become overwhelming. A support system is necessary to move forward, to get through, and to overcome. At Social House Wellness Company, we create that system by helping our clients reduce relational stress, develop better communication skills, and set realistic objectives.

In order to better serve our growing community, we are actively recruiting a therapist to join our team. Although the following description is not exhaustive, this position will involve:

  • Perform Hybrid (In person/Telehealth) clinical counseling services to patients of Social House Wellness Company, as scheduled, and in accordance with company policies.
  • Regular and reliable attendance and timely arrival to work is required.
  • Be properly licensed and abide by all laws, rules, regulations, and codes of ethics that are binding upon or applicable to the services performed for Social House Wellness Company.
  • Respond to patients’ requests for service or calls within 24 hours whether such requests are made in person, by phone, voicemail, etc. or through the Social House Wellness Company website. Respond to such requests by meeting, evaluating, and providing services to such patients.
  • Communicate with a patient’s treatment team (i.e., PCP, psychiatrist, school, etc.) as necessary.
  • Timely complete written records for each patient including, but not limited to: intake notes, progress notes, treatment plans, termination notes, contract notes, and other forms or documents which may be needed or required from time-to-time by Social House Wellness Company or third parties in conjunction with the treatment of the patient within a timely fashion (by Friday of each week). Keep patient files accurate and up to date.
  • Charge and collect payments from patients for services provided consistent with the policy and rate for such services as established by Social House Wellness Company.
  • Attend mandatory staff meetings and training as directed by Social House Wellness Company.
  • Conduct and regulate counseling services in a professional manner so as to maintain and increase the good will and reputation of Social House Wellness Company. Be respectful of and cooperative and collaborative with co-workers.
  • Passion for working with others (being collaborative) and helping our team members grow
    and learn.
  • Other duties as may be assigned.

Social House Wellness Company, a group private practice in Katy and Houston, is looking for part-time and/or full-time psychotherapists to join our growing team. Requirements include being fully licensed in the State of Texas with a minimum of two (2) years post-independent licensure experience, preferably with private practice experience. We will provide credentialing services for insurance panelling. The therapist must have a niche(s) (children, couples, trauma, EMDR, family, etc.) and be willing to market themselves to grow their referral base and recognition in the community. Social House Wellness Company provides a steady stream of referrals as well. The ideal candidate will be an independent, driven, and collaborative professional who enhances our fun, connected, and positive-minded group of clinicians. If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been looking for, contact us today. Please send your resume and cover letter to [email protected]. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.