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Telehealth: Our Answer to a Changing World

It’s difficult to not be concerned with the state of our world right now. It seems like everywhere we turn, and each time we refresh our Twitter feeds, we’re faced with change. COVID-19 has altered the way we interact, how we work, and when we leave our homes. These adjustments have been challenging for all of us. There have been economic impacts on a macro and micro level. Social distancing has made relating harder, and we may have even struggled with how we relate to ourselves. More than a few of us have spent more time alone in the last few weeks than ever before. Maybe that came as a relief, a chance to knock out a lingering to-do list (even if it included a lot of Netflix and Hulu), or even an opportunity to read, write, or reflect. At the same time, others have experienced depression, anxiety, or found themselves glued to the shifting narrative and numbers; absorbing the fears of family, friends, and co-workers. No matter where we fall on this spectrum, our need for community hasn’t gone away. It has only been heightened. At the Social House Wellness Company, we understand completely.

This pandemic has made several things clear, but one is especially worth highlighting: we need each other. We’ve taken that message to heart, and understand the importance of finding ways to maintain our presence in each other’s lives. With that in mind, the Social House Wellness Company will be offering exclusive teletherapy sessions on a full-time basis for as long as it is necessary.

If you’re wondering what teletherapy is, you’re not alone. In short, it’s exactly like our normal one-on-one sessions, but through your computer or smartphone – not unlike what many businesses are currently doing with remote workspaces and virtual team meetings. Think about it like FaceTime for your health and wellbeing. Our thought is that if employers are finding ways to continuing working through platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts, you should be able to continue (or even begin for the first time) the work of personal development. As you would expect, we use a HIPAA-compliant website to ensure that your privacy and confidentiality are maintained. Our platform even allows for sharing handouts and watching video clips. We’re also able to incorporate all of our existing intervention methods, including EMDR and play therapy, making this a safe, secure, and effective way of continuing counseling no matter who you are.

All of our routines are shaken up right now, but we know some of you are feeling especially displaced. Your plan may be to get back to San Antonio quickly, but for the time being, you’ve had to relocate. One of the advantages of teletherapy is that – for anyone still in Texas – our licensing extends to cover you. This is a big state, but thankfully it feels very small when the screen lights up with a familiar face or a voice we recognize. Whether you’re in Houston or El Paso, or any city in between, maintaining our connection is vital. If you’ve put off therapy in the past because the idea of sitting in a strange room was intimidating, this is the perfect opportunity to start. Find your favorite chair, get comfortable, and begin your journey.

It may be hard to know at this moment what next week or the month after will look like. We may be forced to adjust to a new normal – both as individuals and a society. No matter what, the Social House community at large is stronger together. We are here for you – in a different format, yes, but just as close as ever. Stay safe. Be well. We’re in this together.

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